+ Do I Need to have some specific ingredients at home? 
On the website, each recipe will specify under "In Your Cupboard” the basic items like salt, pepper, sugar, vegetable oil that you will need to have on hand. You can view these by clicking on each individual recipe. You will see this section located next to the list of ingredients KPK will cater for in the said recipe.
+ Do I need to create an account to order a KPK Kit?
In order to process and complete your order, you will have to create an account during checkout. You can go through our recipes and add items to your cart before checking out and creating an account. If you have questions about how your information is stored and used, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.
+ Where do I enter my promo code?
Promo codes can be entered on the sign-up page in the Billing Information section and will be applied to your order when you complete the sign-up process.


+ Can you give me information on your products and service?
Feel free to email our Customer Care at [email protected] or call us on 233 4134. Each KPK Kit contains fresh products and the finest ingredients. Quality, freshness, and great taste are carefully managed through production and “Just-in-Time” delivery to our customers. Our meat, chicken and fish are individually vacuum-packed for freshness, quality and integrity. Each recipe is delivered with ingredients, freshly prepped and ready to be cooked in exactly the right proportions. You plan your meals, we do the shopping, the cutting and preparation and we deliver at your doorstep. All you have to do is cook and enjoy! You can plan your meals weekly and each week we preload meals for the next weekly planning. You can also plan your meals for a month. A 4-weeks planning is uploaded on the website. Each of our recipes is portioned to serve 2 persons (1 recipe = 2 meals = 2 servings). For example, if you would like to feed 4 people, you would select 2 kits.
+ Do you charge for delivery?
For any order of 3 boxes or more per week, no delivery charge will apply. For less than 3 boxes, a flat fee of Rs50 will be charged.
+ How do I contact Customer Care?
Feel free to email our Customer Care at [email protected] or give us a call on 233 4134 during office hours.

+ Can I recycle the packaging materials?
The plastic food containers can be recycled and we highly encourage this. Our containers are made from the most commonly used plastic and can be recycled. Our containers are BPA free, as well. We encourage you to think about up-cycling, too! Use the containers for leftovers, to plant seeds, organize drawers, and more. KPK hopes for every party to take a citizen responsibility in the recycling process.
+ Why does KPK pack the ingredients in plastic containers?
KPK prepare your ingredients and also takes an extra step to care for them. When ingredients are cut, the Food Act requires that they be sealed in individually packaged containers. Our containers prevent cross-contamination and if you suffer from food allergies, you don't have to worry about one ingredient coming in contact with another.
+ Why does the package of my vegetables puff up?
Nothing to worry! The puffing you may see is due to a fluctuation in temperature. If your refrigerator is set cooler than our refrigerated vehicle, this may occur. The vegetables are still safe to eat.
+ Can I freeze my ingredients?
All our kits are ready to cook. If you choose not to cook in the 24 hours following delivery, KPK recommends that all meat/fish/chicken be frozen. All other ingredients should be stored in the refrigerator until use. The KPK Kit is guaranteed 6-day freshness. Failure to follow safe handling practices and recommendations may increase the risk of foodborne illness. You are solely responsible for the proper and safe washing, handling, preparation, storage, cooking, use and consumption of the Products.
+ Are all products washed?
All fresh products that need to be washed under running water prior to using are labelled as such.
+ What practices are in place to protect customers with allergens?
While KPK takes all necessary precautions to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between ingredients and food products, cross-contamination may unintentionally occur during production that may cause meals or other products offered in connection with KPK service to contain some or all of those allergens. Eggs, fish and shell fish, and soy are allergens that are commonly found in many ingredients, especially some of the sauces that may be used in the KPK recipes (fish sauce, Worcestershire sauce etc.). If you suspect that you have an allergic reaction or other adverse health event, immediately contact your health care provider. However, if you knowingly have a very serious food allergy or intolerance, we recommend that you do not order from KPK.
+ Do you use organic ingredients?
We do not use organic ingredients as such but KPK takes every extra step to find sustainable and safe food sources and make safe eating our priority.
+ Do you offer Vegetarian, Vegan options?
We offer a variety of vegan and vegetarian recipes weekly. Visit our menu page to see the whole food menu. All of our vegan meals are labelled as such on the menu page.
+ What if my recipe is missing an ingredient?
Please contact our customer care at [email protected] or call 233 4134 during office hours and we will issue you a partial refund or credit for that item.
+ What do I do if I want to cancel an order?
You may cancel an order by calling us on 233-4134 or email us at [email protected] until noon on Monday prior to your delivery date – this is when we start processing your order. After this cancellation deadline, you will be charged the full purchase price. If you have cancelled an order within the cancellation period, we will process any refund due to you within 3 days of the day you gave notice of cancellation. In this case, we shall refund the price of the Product in full, and any applicable delivery charges.


+ Who delivers my order?
Your order is delivered by KPK`s vehicles equipped with the necessary cooling conditions to keep your kits fresh until delivered.
+ Do you deliver to my address?
KPK Kits are delivered everywhere on the island and to the address you would have specified on your inscription form.
+ What days do you offer delivery?
KPK delivers every Thursday or Friday. Upon creating your account, you will need to indicate which of these 2 days you prefer for your delivery. For any change in delivery days by KPK, you will be informed, very much in advance, by mail or by phone.
+ Can I change my delivery day every week?
Yes, you can modify week by week between Thursday or Friday for the time being. The delivery day that you choose will apply to all upcoming deliveries unless you inform otherwise by mail at [email protected]
+ At what time should I expect my delivery?
On your scheduled delivery day, you should expect to receive your delivery between 17H and 20H. Someone must be home to collect the Kits. Otherwise they will be sent back to our workshop. Another delivery may be rescheduled at an additional transport charge. Please check paragraph 6 of our Terms and Conditions on Availability and Delivery.
+ What can I do if I misplace or my recipe card is missing?
Please call us on 233 4134 during office hours or e-mail our customer care at [email protected] We will send you an electronic version of your recipe card by mail or via WhatsApp.


+ How do I change the login information for my accounts?
After logging in to your account, select the “Email & Password” tab.
+ How do I update my billing information?
After logging in to your account, select the “Address” tab. Then select “edit” under “Billing Address”.
+ How do I update my delivery address?
After logging in to your account, select the “Address” tab. Then select “edit” under “Shipping Address”. Currently, you are only able to update your Street Address information through the website. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions about changes to orders and order cutoff times.
+ What is your refund policy?
If you are dissatisfied with a meal, an ingredient, or a product for any reason, please contact us at [email protected] or 233 4134 within 24 hours after delivery. We will issue a credit voucher or refund for that meal, ingredient, or product, if applicable. Refunds are issued back to the original method of payment. We may require the return or photographic documentation of the meal, ingredient, or product with which you are dissatisfied before providing any refund or credit voucher
+ Can I purchase gift cards for others?
Of course you can. Select “Gift to a Friend” from the main menu options, choose the meal you wish to offer and put in your cart, enter the requested information of “gift receiver” (address, phone number and mail), proceed to checkout. We will do the needful.
+ How can I refer friends and family?
Login to your account and click account settings and then click on the “Refer-a-friend” tab. Simply add email addresses to refer friends or share your unique refer-a-friend link on social media using the instruction on the page. After you refer people to KPK, you will be able to see a list of all friends you refer in this section of your account as well as any credits to your account, which are applied to your account when your friend’s first order is delivered. The credit is not applied upon initial subscription sign up. It is applied only when an order is placed, processed and delivered to the “referred party”.

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