Since its conception phase, KPK has taken into account the environment, focusing on 3 major issues


To get closer to the 100 % recycled, KPK ensures compliance with environmental standards and has put in place strict measures

  • Packaging with materials that meet food safety standards.
  • Paper packaging for the ingredients that allow it.
  • The KPK box, 100% recyclable, can be reused as a storage box.

In the world, 25% of the food purchased is discarded resulting in economic and ecological loss. KPK contributes, on its scale, to eliminating food waste

  • Pre-portioned ingredients to what is really needed for the menu.
  • KPK buys only for the number of menus, no more or less.
  • Our customers only buy what they consume!

Within its workshop, KPK implements measures necessary for the protection of the environment

  • Composting in a VAT of our organic waste
  • Compost used in our private garden
  • Awareness of our customers to make the right gesture by having our boxes in the sorting bins.